5 Things I’m Thinking Right Now

Following on from Matt, Alice, Kim and Dan, here’s my contribution for the meme du jour…

1. Post-digital Geopolitics

We’ve already seem what the fundamental qualities of the internet, and data upon it, does to industries based on information scarcity - from music to maps. But it strikes me that the most important part of society that remains embraced by the old ways of thinking of information isn’t the movie industry, but the concept of the nation state itself, and specifically the way we think about national defense and security. What does it mean when our wars aren’t State On State, but State On Idea Spread By The Internet - We’ve had a few, we’ll be having a lot more. What does that mean for the way we define and work within geopolitics and diplomacy? (I’m working on this at the Journal of Post-digital Geopolitics.)

2. Measuring the nature of the luxury consumer

Luxury and Haute Couture brands are discovering the internet, and through that, are beginning to understand more and more about their customers. As I work, at SIX Creative with these brands to define long-term digital strategies, I’m finding that many can’t define who their customers are without a lot of hand-waving and dodgy  generalizations. A lot of people have internalized their own myth-making. I think the fashion industry is about to be subjected to a lot of rigourous customer analysis - I’m working out how best to do it, and especially, how to do it in emerging markets.

3. Low-mass high-information living

I’m beginning to hate owning physical stuff. Information I love, but physical stuff is really starting to annoy me. I’m thinking about the best way to have much less of everything, and have “everything” mean much less - yet still have all of my informational and cultural libraries to hand. I fear my iPad might be just the thing. And then I wonder about how far I might go with it, and about the nature of  sentiment embodied in objects. It gets horribly introspective at this point. I won’t bore you.

4. Energy Management

I guess this is part of the same thing. Time management I can - just about, with a following wind - do. But where I fall down is in Energy Management. The book “How we’re working isn’t working” has really struck a chord here. Lots to think about.

5. Breaking the concept of the page

We’re building the iPad version of Vogue UK at the moment, and for many good and sensible reasons it’s based on the same paged structure as the paper version of the magazine. I’m convinced this isn’t the right thing for the iPad, but what that right thing might be is beyond me at the moment, and neither is anything else I’ve seen. I might be wrong about my initial assumption, of course.

And you?

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